Fees and Services

 1. Library Membership

An Alberta Library Card is required to borrow items from the Holden Muncipal Library.  If you wish to purchase a library membership, you will need to present photo identification with your current Holden address on it.  You can also use a utility bill, tax notice, rental agreement, bank or insurance documents as proof of address.  We accept cash or cheque only as we do not have Interact.   

  • Family Membership - $13.00
  • Adult Membership (18+) - $9.00
  • Seniors Membership (65 +) - Free

Patrons are responsible for all materials charged out on their membership. If an item is lost, returned damaged, or overdue, the patron must pay the fines/fees.



  • Any patron returning a Holden Municipal Library item damaged beyond "normal wear and tear" will be charged the cost of replacement.
  • Any patron returning a damaged inter-library loan item will be billed at the loaning library's rate.

        LOST ITEMS

  • Any patron who has lost a Holden Municipal Library item will be charged the cost of replacement. 
  • Any patron who has lost an inter-library loan item will be charged at the loaning library's rate. 
  • Books - $0.10/day
  • Audiobooks - $0.10/day
  • DVD/Blu-Ray - $.10/day
  • CDs - $0.10/day


  • Books - 3 weeks
  • Audiobooks - 3 weeks
  • Magazines - 1 week
  • DVD/Blu-Rays - 1 week
  • CDs - 1 week



The Holden Library has a lot to offer. Of course you can still browse through our racks of books to get your favorite book, but did you know that even if we don't have the book on our shelves we can still get it for you. We can get books from all over the province and even the country using the inter library loan system. We also have a variety of books on tape and children's videos.

   There five computers available for public use. You can go on the internet and look for a job, check you e-mail, and use a word processor, spreadsheet or one of many other programs. Free WiFi

  • Public Access Computers including a printer and scanner
  • Photocopy and Printing

            Black and White $.25 and Color $1.00

  • Faxing Service 

            $1.00 Out going $2.00 incoming

Internet - Free

Scan - Free

  • WiFi - Free
  • Projector - Donation
  • Exam Proctoring
  • Programming Summer Reading Program, Winter Reading Program